Friday, February 26, 2010

Kamagong Movie

If I would pick something that influenced me to choose Arnis as my martial art is would be the movie Kamagong. It start as a weekly comic series in Super Action Pocketkomiks  written by the legendary Filipino writer Carlo J. Caparas.  It was later adapted into in a movie that stars Lito Lapid as Manuel and JC Bonin as Ariel  in 1986.
The plot is about a sacred pair of arnis sticks " Kamagong".  Lorenzo (the villian) steals  the Kamagong and kills  Ariel's brother in a duel. Ariel vows revenge and to get Kamagong back from Lorenzo. Manuel and his Grandmaster trained the Ariel for his his match against Lorenzo. The movie ended with a climatic double stick battle witness by the whole town. There was even a cameo apperance of Angel Cabales.
The movie was visually exciting with alot of visual symbolism like the widow in black standing on the pinacle watching climatic battle over a huge fighting pit.
Unfortunately I could not find a DVD or even a film clip in the Internet of this movie. It is only in the cable channel "Cinema One" that gets to be rerun.
I believe this movie inspired my generation to Arnis and I hope the next generation will be inspired as well.

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