Friday, March 16, 2012

Self-defense Class by International Trainor in Los Baños

There is growing number crime in Los Baños particularly knife stabbing and citizens are looking for way in which they can protect themselves. In reponse, Upper Limits Gym in Los Baños offers summer classes on self-defense and anti-rape. Teaching the class is International Trainor and Martial Arts Expert, GM Jerson Tortal Jr. GM Jerson is the Grandmaster of the Dekiti Tirsia Siradas System, an Filipino indigenous fighting art with a  rich history of combat that span more than a hundred years and is taught to various military and law enforcement such the FBI, Spetnaz and SWAT just to name a few. In particular, GM Jerson specialty is self defense against knife and stick.
Summer classes will start this coming April. For more information please call / text 0939-720-6064 or 0916-427-2752. Also please visit our website at

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